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Learn About Our Temperature-Controlled Storage Devices

Maintain the temperature and security of your controlled substances and help your department stay DHS and FDA compliant refrigerated security device.

All pre-hospital medications have storage guidelines

While most require room temperature, some must be refrigerated. And what about security? Only MediRedi delivers! MediRedi products consist of a secure, durable aluminum enclosure. They incorporate a state-of-the-art digital temperature control system and security in one device. Our system enables your crews to maintain the temperature of medications according to FDA and pharmaceutical company storage recommendations while providing your department with 24/7 custody control!

Plus, with 3000 individual ID’s, you know who’s been in the box and when.

A MediRedi

The device implemented on your apparatus or mobile equipment ensures you both integrity and security for the controlled substances your crews need on scene every day!

Our Devices

Are currently available in four different models to fit your needs: 4000 Vertical, 4000 Horizontal, 4000 Custom (additional)

We also have the ability to custom design and manufacture a device to fit your specific need and/or size requirements.